Café Loca

John worked at Café Loca in the valley for twenty years as the resident busboy. He shuffled around on an inflated body in one pair of pants that were hemmed too short. Way too short. […]

I Had the Best Trip to Mexico

I recently had the best trip to Mexico. To say that I was ready for a vacation was an understatement. It’s possible that my lifestyle appears to include a lot of relaxation based on the […]


It was always the one face. It wasn’t even a very good looking face in Chase’s eyes, it had just happened to belong to a girl who happened to be there at the bar at […]

A Tragedy in B.H.

(This was written prior to the existence of Ubers and the popularity of Instagram, FYI.) Tragedy struck in Beverly Hills last night. Three Los Angeles adults milking their youth started the night off innocently enough […]