It was always the one face. It wasn’t even a very good looking face in Chase’s eyes, it had just happened to belong to a girl who happened to be there at the bar at the end of the night and had a decent butt situation in better jeans. The group had left the bar together, the girls bonding over their impending sleepover with the three roommates, as if that was something to celebrate.

For one peaceful moment the girl would be a decent butt swaying down Gardner, the next her eyes would be turned back at him sticking a cigarette in her face. There were all those half moments in the back of his mind where he wanted to point out to girls that they were literally just sticking cigarettes inside of their faces when they took drags and how absurd that sounded but it seemed less important than remaining disengaged from conversation as much as possible.

When they got back to the apartment someone put on music, and the face kept laughing at something her new best friend was ranting and gesticulating over about something that had happened on their walk. He could have pointed out that the walk had just happened, and that they were all present for it, so it didn’t need a full rundown, but instead he walked to his room and took one of the pills. Of course, he didn’t need it, the enhancement was just for fun. But if he had to be patient with a night out, and had to be patient with a cigarette stuffed not too cute face he was at least going to get his fuck’s worth.

She and her face sauntered in a few moments behind him, tipping her chin to the side at the sight of the pill bottle, feigning excitement or actually being excited, annoying him either way. Exaggerated facial expressions on a whatever face.

There was one moment with the lights out where he could still see too much, and then the next moment things were peacefully dark and faceless. But his skin was prickling with a blood pressure surge out of sequence and something suddenly viciously wasn’t right. He slid off the face clammy as can be and sadly breaking his silence to peep a desperate “help”.

There were more people than normal in the hospital room that was for certain. Once the ER doctor had expertly deduced that his vision was impaired, they moved him to the hospital and assigned him new doctors to determine the permanence of his impairment. But there were other people there too, people who knew he worked for the pharmaceutical company. People to record the accident and people to work out a settlement that included his silence on the matter.

He wanted to point out his upstanding silence so far but the points he tried to make by raising one eyebrow was misunderstood as an act to see and sympathetic tsks would swarm around him. He didn’t have time to correct them however because he distracted by that face that somehow remained through his blindness.

The nurse had the face. The news anchor on the television had the face. The male doctor explaining that the odds were nearly impossible to go blind on this product although it had happened one other time to one guy…he had the face, this other blind guy in the story had the face. All not so cute tilting their chins sideways and sticking cigarettes in their faces.

It was worth a gut wrench but he sighed instead.

He felt the sideways pull of judgment, where the conversation started leaking out to the sides instead of towards him. Pressing up against the side of the dam wall while the water was unnaturally calm for the descent it was getting ready to take.

He had much less interest in his job before the accident, and certainly no concerns besides how to increase the size of each paycheck. Ah ok, pharmaceuticals. Sales of legal drug slinging. Fine. No one actually knows anyone that has a side effect reaction from those things, and then there he was. Blinded by the recreational usage of a penis enhancing pill.

He wanted everyone to know that he hadn’t needed the pill, his dick was fine anytime, it was all for fun, he was the king of the sheets. He also of course wanted them to think he had needed it, just to place the blame on big pharma and not on his careless substance choices. It was a perilous place to be.

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