Kate Ferguson is a screenwriter, actress, producer, and will soon be directing her first short film.

She is currently in production on the short film Ruffin It (working title), and the short film Steel Trap.

Alongside writing and producing partner Drew Carter, she has completed a spec feature called Dragonfly and pilot called GroupChat. 

Independently, she is in the midst of writing four features (spec) and a pilot.

Kate has also worked on-set roles such as camera, BTS photographer, and off-screen documentary interviewer.

In addition to the various projects that are completed or exist somewhere in some middle ground of production, she has worked as a staff writer on a comedy web series that never saw the light of day, got cast in a dramedy web series that never saw the light of day, and was hired to write the finale episode of a cartoon about a cat in space that never saw the light of day, because, Hollywood baby!

Actress, writer, and producer on the short film ‘Ruffin’ It’ (Working title)


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