Kate Ferguson

Mostly writing about random things and trying to make movies.


Kate Ferguson is a UC Davis graduate based in L.A., with experience spanning entertainment to tech.

As a writer, she works as a blogger, creative writer, screenwriter, copywriter, content writer, and journalist, and founded the arts & lifestyle site Divvy Magazine.

Kate is also an actress, producer, social media/marketing creative, and a lover of connecting through content that tells stories. 

When she’s not working, Kate can be found doing yoga, taking photos of palm trees, or intently researching something totally random like the history of Cheetos. 

Divvy Magazine
Kate is the Founder and Editor of the arts and lifestyle website Divvy Magazine, which features interviews with interesting people, places, travel, music, wellness, fashion, and beauty, with a focus on the expansive. She designs, curates, writes, and occasionally takes photos for the mag. Divvy Magazine accepts inquiries about hotel/event coverage, press, general features, and photo editorial submissions. 


Kate has worked on all sides of the camera as an actress, screenwriter, producer, and casting director.

She is currently in production on a dramatic short film called Ruffin It’, in which she stars, produces, and co-wrote.

Kate was recently hired to write the finale episode of a new cartoon, and was previously a staff writer on the comedy web series Brunch So Hard.

Next she’ll join a period piece project as a producer and she has a variety of other scripts in the works.

PR & Marketing Roles

Kate is the former CMO of L.A.-based luxury fashion line Strapped Mfg and the current CGO of the networking app Renge. She remains partners in both.


As a freelance blogger and journalist Kate has contributed to digital and print magazines such as Young HollywoodLEFAIR MagazineInspirer MagazineDEFY MediaMinx SocietyFame FocusDestination Tips, Lady Clever, Unkempt, The BoldeThe TalkoThought Catalog, Psych N Sex, and many, many more. Writing topics have included dating and sex, finance, health, wellness, L.A. based events, entertainment news, general news, fashion, beauty, female entrepreneurs, music, healing, spirituality, celebrity red carpet interview coverage, etc. 

Kate has also interviewed a variety of artists and musicians for the video platform and YouTube channel Samantha Sessions.

Brand Voice Copywriting and Social Media

Kate started running social media and editorial for the S.F. based tech startup Tribalist prior to the company’s successful funding, which included managing Brand Voice as well as creating and curating content. She has managed a variety of branding and marketing considerations for influencers and brands across a variety of industries, as well as successfully led content creation and editorial for a variety of other people’s blogs, some of which were successfully scaled and sold.

Many of Kate’s professional connections have come through her own social media, where she shoots and edits images of herself alongside an array of pools and palm trees. She doesn’t really consider herself a traditional influencer, but she does have a reach and audience that has allows her to work with fashion companies and brands to create authentic content on both her social media and digital magazine.


Kate takes on freelance projects for brands as well as collaborates on projects for her blogs. Please be in touch for any inquiries related to any of the above topics.

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