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Kate Ferguson is a Los Angeles-based writer, filmmaker, actress, photographer, artist, and freelancer in social media, so—most things creative media.

Kate recently directed her first short film entitled SUNDAY, which she also wrote and produced. She is currently in post-production on a dramatic short film called Ruffin It’, in which she stars, co-wrote, and produces, and a short film called Steel Trap, in which she co-stars, co-wrote, and produces. She has a variety of original full-length scripts in the works including feature films and hour-long pilots.

She is the Founder of the arts & lifestyle site Divvy Mag, and has done pretty much every type of writing there is.  These days she mostly keeps it to screenwriting, humorous (hopefully!) personal essays, and journalism.

As a photographer, Kate shoots both film and digital, and as an artist, she’s into paper collage.

When she’s not working, Kate can be found doing yoga, taking photos of palm trees, reading under one of those palm trees, or intently researching something totally random like the history of Cheetos. For the love of story.

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About Divvy Mag

Kate is the Founder and Editor of the arts and lifestyle digital magazine Divvy Mag, which features interviews with interesting people, places, travel, art, and music, with a focus on the expansive. She designs, curates, writes, and occasionally takes photos for the mag. Divvy Magazine accepts inquiries about hotel/event coverage, press, general features, and photo editorial submissions.

Past work 

Other recent film work includes working as a producer and second unit camera operator on the music video Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley: Love is Cruel, and acting in the TV mini-series This Place is Weird.

Kate was recently hired to write the finale episode of a cartoon, was previously a staff writer on the comedy web series Brunch So Hard, and worked as a BTS on-set interviewer for the YouTube channel Samantha Sessions.


Kate is the former CMO of L.A.-based luxury fashion line Strapped Mfg and CGO of a location-based networking app.

As a freelance journalist prior to launching Divvy Mag, Kate contributed to outlets such as Young Hollywood, LEFAIR Magazine, Inspirer Magazine, DEFY Media, Minx Society, and many, many more.

Kate Co-Founded a tech startup called Lot Club, a private networking community for entertainment professionals. She was also an early hire at the tech startup Tribalist; creating a social community, brand voice, and content to help the app gain its first successful round of VC funding. As a social media manager, marketing strategist, and copywriter, she has worked with numerous small businesses and entrepreneurial individuals to grow their social media, nail down branding, and expand their reach.


Contact: thekateferg@gmail.com

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