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Selected projects can be found in this deck: Social Media Portfolio-Kate Ferguson


I have over 11 years of combined experience in Social Media, Digital Media, Creative Media, Film, and PR.

Services I offer include: Social media consultations and creative strategy, ongoing account management, content creation, content production, writing, photography, and more.

As a social media strategist and manager I’ve worked with startups, small businesses, non-profits, solopreneurs, coaches, and influencers in categories like wellness, tech, lifestyle, fashion, real estate, art, entertainment, and more.

My social media work has included creating and running accounts for a variety of brands and individuals, as well as strategizing in marketing and consulting on branding. I have created communities from scratch and jump-started stalled accounts with goals including VC funding, app conversions, product sales, course sales, web traffic, and acquisition.


I love approachable copy and great imagery, plus use my experience in marketing, PR, copywriting, photography, filmmaking, and creative storytelling to round out social media initiatives. As someone who’s both analytical and creative, I prioritize authenticity while taking into account best practices and whatever the algorithms are up to.

My start in social media is a great example of how social media works: I got my first offer to work in social media because a company was interested in how I use my personal social media. I myself am a blogger, and work with affiliates, brand partnerships, and navigate pitches. As an independent one, I’ve also built websites, learned SEO, and understand how all of these different parts work together. My perspective on social media was shaped by being completely immersed in it.


In addition to my formal education at UC Davis, where I received a BA in Sociology (with an emphasis in law), and an English minor, I have completed the Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce certificate program, attended Austin School of Film’s Digital Video Certificate Program, and a photography study abroad program in Paris. I’m a certified Reiki practitioner with second-level Reiki Ryoho and Holy Fire, and second-level ICRT Animal Reiki.


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