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Interview feature on Write or Die Tribe

“For L.A. based writer and artist, Kate Ferguson, creating is life. Although she spent a fair amount of time navigating through odd jobs and low paying freelance gigs, Ferguson knew she wanted to create for a living and now, that’s precisely what she is doing.

As the editor and brains behind Divvy Magazine, created to support all things expansive, elevating, and artistic, Ferguson is on a mission to share her love of art, innovation, culture and authenticity.

I spoke with Kate via email and I’m so excited to have collaborated with her and to share her journey with you. Read her interview below where she talks freelancing, building Divvy Mag and the courage to share your story…”

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All Things popped

Interview feature on podcast All Things Popped

“What a joyous day. Canon of Sunnydale talks with writer/actress Kate Ferguson about the industry and emotions as a concept. You're not living right if you're not following lady Ferg's on Instagram and Twitter with @KateFerg.”

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Interview feature on New Face Magazine

“Many move to Los Angeles to live the dream, and that’s what Kate Ferguson is currently doing. Ferguson is a jill of all trades: actress, screenwriter, journalist, publicist, and so much more.

‘I decided that I wanted to move to L.A..... and be in the film industry when I was eight or nine, so that was always in my mind,’ said Ferguson. ‘As soon as I graduated college, I made the move and have been here ever since.’”


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Quoted on The Writing Cooperative

“Writing is exciting, writing is empowering, writing is emotional. But, why do we write? Some writers share their knowledge and experience, others try to motivate and inspire, or play with our imagination and feelings.

It’s hard to keep your readers indifferent, if they are the right ones.

Here are 15+ bloggers who’ve shared their purpose and reasons why they write.”

Announcing the launch of Divvy Magazine of possibly making up words on the Harry and Kelly Talk Show.