In Defense of Taking Baths in Hotel Rooms


I recently got an email with a subject line that said “why you should never take baths in hotels” and I deleted it so quick. I know what they’re going say. Something not good. Something along the lines of why you don’t touch the comforter or whatever. But I don’t need that sort of negativity in my life. I’d like to defend taking baths in hotel rooms, because that shit can feel so luxurious.

Most hotel rooms that have bathtubs have way better bathtubs than I have at my L.A. apartment. I take baths there too, and I appreciate them, but it’s never lost on me that tubbing at my place is just sitting in my apartment when I’ve got lots of stuff to do. (Always.) I mean I do it, and I let that mind wander and process, but I also don’t forget where I am.

When you’re in a hotel on the other hand you’re obviously away from home, whether that’s for work or play. It gives you a bit of freedom to sit. Ponder even more about life. Ponder this new and exciting bathroom tile within view. Whatever.

I’m sure I’d have a very different opinion on this if I had ever encountered anything unsavory in a hotel room bathtub, or walked away with some sort of physical disturbance due to that bath. But I haven’t. That photo up there is me taking a bath in a hotel room…in Las Vegas no less. I liked it. I also survived to tell the tale.

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