I Don’t Know What to Think About Coronavirus, but Here’s an Entire Blog Post About It

I don’t know quite what to think about Coronavirus, but here I am filling an entire blog post about it anyway.

Yesterday seemed to be the day that a lot of the people in L.A. who were not taking it seriously suddenly got a little concerned. Yesterday was the day that we learned that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson got the virus, as well as heard the news that the NBA had suspended their season. Apparently this makes the whole thing feel closer to home?

Shortly after that news broke, I hopped into an Uber to go visit my friend Ashlee at an event where she was repping the winery she works at. “Come drink really expensive wine for free” is an invite I usually accept.

My Uber driver immediately hopped into the idiocracy of the panic over the Coronavirus, but then without pausing one sentence to start another he quickly listed off all the panic buys he had just stocked up on at Costco. When I got out of the car to go to my free wine event, he was chastising Tom Hanks for “pretending” to have the virus to try to make the general public feel safer about it.

After I drank some wine and chatted with Ashlee about the Coronavirus for a bit, she dropped me off at event number two, a celebration at The Comedy Store for my friend Heidi’s new TV show on E!, The Funny Dance Show. Normally arriving at a mostly cast and crew party of people basking in success would give me a nice dose of social anxiety, but the common Coronavirus thread made it pretty easy to break the ice with Emmy winning TV directors and touring comedians.

We tapped elbows instead of shaking hands and discussed the toilet paper shortage. I drank a Corona.

Now, taking things back a day.

On Tuesday I went to the grocery store to get toilet paper, and encountered this scene. I had only just heard that this mass purchase situation was happening so it was a little shocking.

While I waited in the extremely long Ralph’s line to buy my toilet paper, I did some writing. I was called to write about how the first time I was on a film set was to be an extra in the 1995 drama/disaster movie Outbreak, about a dangerous airborne virus. I got to wear a face mask for this experience, and I kept the mask as a souvenir for a very long time even though I had spilled some salsa into it at crafty…although perhaps I should have held onto it a little longer.

Then yesterday I realized that Tuesday was the 25th anniversary of that film’s release, which is…really fun timing to be writing about it? And also, I’m old enough to have a 25-year-old salsa eating story? That’s weird. But I do like salsa.

Last thought: I’m supposed to attend a wedding in Italy in July. Is this happening? Because I’d really like to go to this black-tie event at Lake Como. That’s another invite I rarely turn down. But also rarely get.

One more updated last thought: My roommate is sick.

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