You Don't Need to be "Ready" to Start

The concept of readiness is a really weird one. On one hand, it’s important to feel prepared for things in life, but on the other hand it’s absolutely impossible to predict the outcome of anything, so there’s not really any way to fully prepare anyway. We like to feel confident before we act, except it’s actually the act of doing that creates a sense of accomplishment and increases our confidence. Adding to that, you’ll never be able to completely predict the outcomes of the things you’re “getting ready” for anyway.

What you never want to do in life in put things off so long that they never happen. That happens. Here are some things to keep in mind about starting where you are now, whether you’re ready or not.

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You Do Have Limited Time

I don’t want to bum you out with the concept that life doesn’t last forever, but it doesn’t. Let this be an encouraging concept. We might as well at least try to do what we want to do. It might not work. But it might. At least you’ll know and you won’t look back and have so many what-if’s. Another thing is to keep in mind is that if you had started that thing a year ago, you’d be way further ahead on it than you are now. Right? So Start now.

A Little Pressure Never Hurt Anybody

Sometimes people procrastinate on starting projects for good reasons. If you feel a sense of commitment and responsibility to things once you start them, that’s great. But don’t let the perfectionist pressure of that concept stop you from ever starting. Yes, if you try something new you might have to face the fact that you can’t actually hack it. Or that you’re not good at it. Or that you don’t actually love it as much as you thought you did. That’s okay. Feeling the pressure can help propel you forward. Give you a reason. And if it doesn’t, then you can drop the idea and you have one less thing to think about.

You Might Experience Beginner’s Luck

In general, it’s safe to assume that it can take a while to become a professional at something. But not everything requires that you’re the best of the best to begin. Plenty of beginners get lucky and get big opportunities. When that happens you either rise to the occasion, or you don’t.

Many People Feel Imposter Syndrome

Sometimes when you start something new it takes a while to feel confident about it. That’s pretty normal. Plenty of people who start new jobs or projects feel imposter syndrome, especially if it’s heading in a different direction than their past work or if it’s within a project based market. If you’re a freelancer, or an actor, or a novelist…you might not ever feel totally comfortable with why you are where you are or what’s coming next. But isn’t that part of what you like about it?

People Can Only Help You if They Know What You’re Doing

You can’t really work or create alone. I mean you can, but if no one reads or blog for example…it’s a diary. People need to know what you can do if you want them to be interested in your art or services. If you need help to grow a business…you need people. If you need plays on Spotify…you need people. There’s nothing to gain by keeping your gifts private. Sure you can avoid the naysayers and negative stuff, but are they more important than what you’re trying to do? I hope not. They’ll be there naysaying either way, whether you’re living your dreams or going through the motions.

Remember How Far You’ve Come

You can really give yourself a self-esteem boost by reminding yourself how far you’ve already come in life. You might not be anywhere near where you’d like to be. (I know I’m not.) But if you list out some accomplishments you might realize that you from five years ago would be extremely proud of you. The more you can give yourself credit for the moves you make, (even when they’re subtle moves), the more you can remind yourself how capable you actually are. Every time we succeed at something or reach a goal, we naturally set new goals. Don’t lose sight of the climb you’ve already made. You’re already on your way.

There is Power in Simply Doing

I am very familiar with the feeling of feeling stuck, or being bored waiting. Waiting on life. Waiting on opportunity. Waiting on love. Waiting on a chance. I lived there for a long time. Until I fully realized that there is no waiting place. Nothing comes along if you’re just waiting. The trick is to do more and do so much that you start a momentum. Once a momentum is in place, you will move. Life will come at you. Guaranteed. Sure, you can’t always say exactly when or why something happens or if it doesn’t. But you do have the power to find out.