We Added an E-Comm Store to Divvy Mag

We, by which I mean me and boyfriend, have added an e-comm store over at Divvy Mag. It was one of my first intentions with the website, after of course, interviewing cool people and featuring cool things. I loved the idea of being able to resell vintage clothes and even sell brand new clothing made at local companies in L.A.

To start, AJ and I had a studio day where we shot each other in some previously owned clothing that we’ve been intended to sell. Then he edited the snaps. I was happy to find that it’s relatively easy to upload the content into the actual shop. I have to admit that the concept of putting up a shop felt a bit more daunting than it actually is! Thanks Squarespace.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 2.06.02 PM.png

There’s only a few things up now but I’d love to really fill it out, even at some point find more collaboration possibilities for the e-comm portion of Divvy. Both with brands but also perhaps even partnering with people who have loved working on e-comm growth in the past.. (I have a feeling I have to learn.) We’ll see what happens!