Baby vs Human

Previously shared March 11, 2011

I know babies are human, that was just to get your attention. It's also a random Facebook album title of mine but that's another story. I think that we should reflect on some lessons from our babyhood. Because we were once babies, and our business was on point.

We were created, gestated and born in less than a year, without any effort. There was no resistance to making eyeballs. We popped out trusting our people, growing inches all over the place weirdly fast, learning a foreign language, and took our zero motor skills to speed racer in like a year and a half.

We either pretended like we didn't know we could fall or we actually kept forgetting that part, because most of us walk, and then some. We're so bipedal. 

We clapped for ourselves all the time and never felt bashful about accepting praise for our total awesomeness. "I just said 'Monkey' you time!!!"

We knew we were super cute even when we had sweet potato all over our face. We only ate to the point of being full, we wailed if necessary, and we accepted help because we were aware of needing it.

We weren't questioning anyone's motives for kissing and loving on us unless they smelled weird. I'm sure it's exhausting and painful to punch through a bunch of teeth, maneuver rooms on hands and knees, and hear/sing the alphabet a million times, but boy did we.

There was a lot to get done and yet we didn't stress that we were wasting our lives away while we learned, or about what was happening the next day. We just did, and we did great.

Photo courtesy @ev_alexander