Change is Good/Bad/Inevitable/Purple

I changed the color of this black and white film photo I took, for another example.

[Previously published August 22, 2011 on thatsrandomkate on Blogger]

Change is Good/Bad/Inevitable/Purple.

As one popular saying goes: “People never change.”

You know, if he cheated on his ex-girlfriend with you he’ll cheat on you with the next girl or, your mom.

Or if she stole forks from a diner in Tahoe she’s probably also planning a high stakes bank heist and has written you in somehow so good luck with that.

However, they also say that “She/he changed.” As in: she moved to Los Angeles and thinks she’s better than everyone, especially after she started dating B-list celebrities. Or he got obsessed with doilies from the turn of the century and now we simply have nothing to talk about.

“Change is hard” is how we might respond to our neighbor revealing that they just got an exhausting overnight job in the valley transcribing speech for people doing more important things than him.

“Change is good” is what happens when you go to a clothes swap and end up with much better items than you contributed, and also what you might say if you become lactose intolerant and you’re trying to justify the fact that you may never be able to eat cheese again.

“Change is inevitable” is what happens in all of these examples but it’s possible that I’ll change my mind.

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