A Quick Trip to Joshua Tree to Shoot a Music Video

Our temporary home in the Joshua Tree area.

I recently went out to Joshua Tree to shoot a music video for some friends, and when I shoot, I mean shoot b-roll! My boyfriend AJ Cutler was the DP on the project, which was the music video for Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal’s first original song “Love is Cruel.”

The four of us (plus Jordan and Tori’s cat Miso) hopped into an RV and spent a whirlwind 24 hours or so in the desert making music video magic. (Yes, the cat stayed on the RV and was incredibly chill about the whole experience. She is quite the cat)

The video has not been released yet, but in the meantime, here are some shots from the trip as well as BTS from the music video, and additionally a BTS video of AJ that I shot while he shot the music video. (He edited.) A plethora of shots if you will.

Tori Deal catching the breeze on 35mm film

I took these Polaroid selfies in the RV which might have been the reason why the camera’s battery was dead the next day when we went to take an adorable group photo.

But I did manage to capture my Band of Gypsies camo coat. (Ideal style + function coats.)

AJ and Jordan deep in discussion of theme and story arc outside the RV. This looked very cinematic to me. I also got it on video.

AJ grabbing a shot of Tori is this dreamy boho white dress. (We’re pretty much in the middle of nowhere.)

On Instagram I captioned this photo “It’s doorway to another land…from the RV I was in. It’s a reflection.”

I shot this video of AJ, which he then edited together this amazing creation. (We used vintage lenses on a Canon.)

We found this very interesting spot out there in the desert. Think art made from trash.

It’s me and our (used) fire safety tool.

Tori Deal’s feet doing some exploring on 35mm film.

See, trash art. So analog.

Another view from the RV. We didn’t see anyone else the whole time we were parked out there.

AJ Cutler shooting Jordan Wiseley being a goof while Tori Deal looks on from a random hut. Good times.

AJ’s real name is Adrian, so it was a pretty random and relevant find coming up this thing called “Adrian’s Little Theater.” (We also shot footage in there.)

35mm shot of AJ shooting Jordan.

Got to get a solo shot of the good old Joshua Tree.

AJ and those blue skies.

AJ and the RV and the AJ’s neon beanie.

The music video is now complete!

Click here to watch the full music video of “Love of Cruel” by Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal!

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