Kate Ferguson

Mostly writing about random things and trying to make movies.


Quick summary on the filmmaking front: I’m acting, writing, and producing.

My short film Ruffin It (working title) got paused for quarantine, but more recently I started working on another called Steel Trap.

With one writing partner I have completed a spec feature called Dragonfly and pilot called GroupChat, the latter of which is currently in rewrites, because, gasp, a legit producer likes it and had some great notes.

Independently, I’m in the midst of writing four features (spec) and a pilot.

In addition to the various projects that are completed or in some middle ground but at least have something to show for my involvement, I’ve worked as a staff writer on a comedy web series that never saw the light of day, got cast in a dramedy web series that never saw the light of day, and was hired to write an episode of a cartoon about a cat in space that never saw the light of day, because, Hollywood baby!

Actress, writer, and producer on the short film ‘Ruffin’ It’ (Working title)